In the February 2018 issue of Tow Times magazine, we touched on the importance of customer reviews. There was a trend when companies posted fake customer reviews. One reason may have been to combat negative reviews, however, from our experience at MarketSmart we believe it was because the companies simply didn’t know how to generate them authentically.

Not only have consumers become wise to fake reviews, so has Google. As reported in USA Today: “Google has become better at detecting spam. They’re also better at penalizing companies that produce bogus content.”

Here are three tips to generate real reviews:
1. Ask your customers for a review by emailing them a digital comment card and displaying the results on the review section of your website’s home page.
2. Consult an online review business. They have software that works with your dispatch company. It sends a message with a rating system to customers after they’ve used your services.
3. Your company’s Facebook page. They also have a review system in which your customers leave reviews that connect to your website.


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