Many companies are so focused on lead generation – generating interest in their product or service to gain new customers – they may overlook marketing to their existing customers.

Marketing and lead generation are not the same thing. Marketing is keeping your brand in front of an audience, whether it be a new or existing audience.

Keeping in contact with regular customers is a proven, cost effective way to boost sales, and your opportunity to remind them of your great customer service and expertise. In turn, they will reward you with referrals.

When’s a good time to start? How about with your Christmas card list?

Customers can move on and/or not think about your services throughout the year.

It is up to you to tell them that you appreciate their business and want to stay in touch. Send your regular customers Christmas cards, and perhaps include a business card and a coupon to encourage them to use your services again.

Use this approach throughout the year – and see what relationships will develop.


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