Here are four tips for coordinating your print marketing materials.

1) Create your marketing items in unison. For example, if you’re creating a brochure, maybe update your business card to match. This helps keep your branding unified and enables you to see how the design will work on other marketing items of different sizes and shapes.

2) Be consistent. When creating your design, make sure that that the colors, fonts and symbols, as well your logo, are consistent on all your marketing items.

3) Website. Translate your website design to your print materials. It could be confusing for a prospective customer to see a different look online than in print. If you’re not happy with your website design, maybe it’s time to update.

4) Materials. When creating your design in print, keep in mind that there will be a difference in how each item will look next to each other because of the material it’s printed on. The paper stock used for a business card, for example, is different than for a brochure.